S2 Stationery and Design

tools and techniques

In a society that barely writes, it is important more than ever to have quality stationery that you love.

When purchasing a set of stationery from S2 Stationery and Design, you enter a world of design and communication unlike any other. S2 Stationery and Design believes that stationery should reflect your personality, but the aesthetics should never overshadow the sentiment, words, or need of the writer. S2 Stationery and Design focuses on two types of products for clients: Couture/Customized and Ready Made Designs. Both require time and creativity, but Couture/Customized designs involve more specific skills, such as listening and working directly with the client to translate an idea into an ideal product.

Ready Made designs come from the inner workings of Sara’s mind, but often reflect trending topics in culture such as moustaches, nature, travel, and anything else that catches her eye and inspires her to create.

Every piece created by S2 Stationery and Design is handmade by Sara. Even if a card is printed digitally, Sara hand cuts each item, guaranteeing that each one is unique.

Supplies and tools commonly used:
  • Hands
  • Needle and thread
  • Non-Toxic glue(s)
  • Cutting, with handy tools like rulers, scissors, circular cutters and x-acto knives
  • Vintage fabrics
  • Paper that can be given new life (the recycled envelope lines are an example)
  • Ribbon and lace, new and old
  • Illustrations
  • Non-toxic paint(s)
  • Tissue Paper

To support S2 Stationary and Design’s consistent growth, Sara is constantly learning new skills and techniques to bring to the designs. When it comes to the end result of each piece, Sara trusts her gut and creative intuition. Learning is not limited to skills that directly impact her craft, but rather used as an opportunity to explore those that open new brain patterns and provide fresh inspirations.

Recent studies include:
  • Japanese Calligraphy
  • Copperplate Calligraphy
  • Ballet
  • Japanese language

Skills she hopes to pursue in the future include:
  • Japanese wood blocking
  • Letterpress
  • Silkscreening
  • Paper making
  • Bookbinding
  • Home made glues and adhesives

Examples of how Sara creates pieces are sometimes available via video. When videos become available, you can view them on this page. Sara is all about sharing as she continues to learn and hone in her skills and techniques. After all, she firmly believes you should be able to and aspire to be creative as much as possible!

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