S2 Awareness Projects are literally our hearts at this moment. Stationery will always be at the core of what we do, love, and care about, but the world is more than stationery. Stationery is one of the many medium for communication, which is the point of the projects we are exploring, taking on and using to challenge ourselves and customers. 

About S2 “Awareness” Projects - Often times, we think our differences are larger than they really are. I’m interested in finding that space and opening your heart to the similarities. By all means, your story is your story, but that doesn’t mean you are all that much different than me, or the person next to you. Let’s find those spaces and talk about them and make a difference, together.

We welcome you to join us for this journey as we tackle social issues and cultural understanding with paper, pens/pencils/markers/crayons, and all the other ways we communicate.

S2 Woman's Choice Cards set of 6 - Supporting Planned Parenthood

Women’s health is not something that should ever be taken for granted! The United States, while definitely one of the countries that allows women many freedoms, continues to play with our freedoms, emotions, and health. It’s time to take control of our bodies, our health, and have our voices heard!

Ever a feminist, Sara Stroman, the S2 behind S2, decided she could no longer sit back and allow the rights of women to be taken away without some action. She didn’t have to look much further than her stationery business to find her “action.” Working with a good friend, who takes witty to many different levels, Peter Budka, she designed the six cards you see below. Each is printed on the bright color, heavy card stock you see photographed. You can order them individually or as a set.  They come with a Kraft paper envelope. They can be traded or shared or given away. Hey, you should give them away! Mail them to your Senators and Congressmen even! These cards are meant to share your voice no matter your age or gender.

Single cards are $4.75 / Set of 6 cards is $ 21.00

50% of every sale of every card (single or set) goes directly to Planned Parenthood to help them continue their much-needed work.  $2.38 and/or $10.50 may not seem like a large donation, but every amount helps! To be as transparent as possible, every time a purchase is made, a donation will be made through S2 Stationery’s Fearless Fundraisers webpage

We’re hoping to raise $1000 or more! So we ask that you share these cards via social media and obviously, snail mail.

To order cards individually and/or as a set, visit the Etsy Shop!

Wholesale accounts and anyone interested in these cards in a larger volume, should review our Press Kit.