Stationery is at the core of what we're about. Letters need only a writing utensil and sheet of paper, but when you find quality paper that speaks not just to you, but of you, you'll never stop writing. That is our promise and our hope for you!

S2 stationery likes to focus on minimalist design, quality paper, and the element of surprise. Quite a bit of our stationery sets come with blank flat note cards and complimenting envelopes lined with handmade paper from countries and artists around the world.

The person on the receiving end of the card while already surprised to be receiving mail (because who gets real mail anymore?), will be even more surprised when they realize that the envelope is lined. They're no longer receiving a note from you, but a gift - a well made (by hand, might I add - all liners are cut and assembled by hand) gift of your words.

This person may also be surprised in other ways - you may have chosen to send them a card that has a button handsewn on it, or has a fortune attached to it, or a ribbon knotted on the side, top, corner.

S2 Stationery is far from boring. It is well made and shares love from my hands to yours and finally there hands. Again, on a quest to fill boxes in closets with notes for your loved ones to reflect later in life, or for their children to ponder later on, S2 Stationery is all about the love of words, you and beautiful paper.

In the fall and winter of 2012 and 2013, I spent three months learning traditional Japanese paper making in a small village in Echizen, Japan. It was fantastic and still influences how I design all of my stationery products and work with paper. Travel to more countries will be coming, as will paper making.

To ask questions about stationery custom design projects, or for more information about our stationery, send Sara an email through the mail page.

The quality and detail of S2 stationary is unlike any other. Sara listens to her customers and creates unique pieces for each individual order. Working with Sara is fun and innovative. I know when I order from Sara that my purchase is going to be beautiful and everlasting. There are not many companies like this anymore. S2 is surely a diamond in the rough!
— Lindsay B