Moving is such a big deal. It is. We are not just phone numbers in a smart phone and photos on social media. We have spaces we call home, places that keep our secrets and laughter, and that we open our doors to celebrate, eat, and dance with our loved ones.

Every move we make is symbolic of ourselves and the changes, hopes, and dreams we have. Sharing these moves is like sharing your feelings in a card, or your love in an invitation. These should be just as well thought out and designed as any other form of communication. S2 has you covered here too! (Where doesn't she have you covered?!)

Take a look at the designs created for custom "I've/We've" moved cards below. The US State collection is growing and there will be more in the coming months.

To ask questions about "I've/we've moved" custom design projects, or for more information, send Sara an email through the mail page.

When I made the difficult decision to leave Brooklyn for the quieter land of Iowa, I wanted to make the seemingly simple change of address a personal celebration, a homecoming, and an announcement of a new, exciting chapter in my life. Having seen Sara’s work with her Chicago...Land of...I’ve moved postcards, I knew she was the person I trusted with this challenge. Almost as soon as I closed on the house, Sara’s perfect design was on the postcards and sent to my nearest and dearest. I received so many compliments and still keep one on my kitchen peninsula to remind me of the journey I took to get here. It would not have been as complete if not for the work of S2 Stationery. Signed, an incredibly happy customer!
— Niki C.