Make an impression without leaving a mark.

As a growing business that believes in changing the world through word and action, S2 never has more than needed. I work to use every piece purchased to create your unique design, from the embellishments on the stationery, to the box it’s delivered in. Those parts that inevitably end up on the cutting room floor are always recycled per New York City recycling guidelines. Additionally, the majority of my supplies are all recycled or partially recycled materials purchased from other environmentally dedicated businesses – mainly Paper Source. For more on their mission to deliver uncompromising quality without compromising our planet, please visit their site (link).

As we all have an individual responsibility to the environment, it’s important to contribute personally to the planet. I try to recycle everything, purchase groceries and goods locally via farmers markets, and eat only what is in season whenever possible. Globally, I want people to understand the importance of recycling and work to drive education on recycling best practices in their own neighborhoods.

It’s with these same achievable aims I fashion my paper line; as the business develops, I will make every effort to be environmentally conscientious as possible, from researching eco-friendly printing and paper options to eventually planting trees yearly to help offset the materials purchased and used for S2 products.

At its core, S2 is a company dedicated to preserving not only the art of the written word, but the resources that help send those words along. This mix of short and long-term aims mirror my dedication to balance – as my business grows, so does my contribution to the world around me. My products are a reflection of this: simple, sustainable and happy. So wake up, feel the paper and spread the love!