S2 Stationery & Design loves food. I love eating it and am constantly inspired by fresh produce, restaurants, the mind of culinary geniuses, cultural cooking, my Mom's cooking, and recipes.

I find food and the way people eat and cook fascinating and we're constantly seeking ways to bring food, recipes, and stationery together. One of our soon to launch "S2 Awareness Projects" is about that melding of food and paper. More details about that will be available in 2016! (Stay tuned!)

For more information, or if you're interested in exploring foodie stationery with me, please contact me through the mail page and we can cook up something gorgeous and delicious designed for your need(s).

Being able to work with Sara, the owner of S2 Stationery, is as amazing as her products! Her pieces are not only creative, but timeless. She listens to what you want to create and what your needs are and takes it from there. You can always guarantee you will get a quality product that is fabulous and better then the rest! Sara is my go to for any and all of my stationery needs.
— Candace Moore