Who doesn't love children? S2 loves children, especially her niece who is wacky, funky and a ball of fun! Every child's personality should be respected, expressed, and have stationery to share that, just as their adult counterparts. Not to mention, you'll be instilling great respect to the art of writing and sharing at a young age.

S2 Stationery & Design doesn't make many child-centric stationery products, but when asked to Sara does and goes all out. Often times, her smaller customers are her most difficult - capturing their spirits can be more complicated, but Sara enjoys rising to the challenge!

Review the gallery below to see some of the stationery items designed for her children customers. 

To ask questions about custom "child-centric" design projects, or for more information, send Sara an email through the mail page.

Sara did a wonderful job on my sister’s baby shower invitations. They were so personal, creative, and beautiful...my sister put them in her scrapbook! Sara spent time working with me to develop the perfect invitation. She was very timely and professional. I will definitely order from her again!
— Peggy