Driven by constant inspiration, S2 Stationery and Design is owned and operated by Sara Stroman out of New York City and New Jersey. Born years ago as a play on Sara’s name, “S2” represents Sara’s initials, and when properly tweaked, the two characters form a misshaped heart. After her father’s passing in 2009 and a very difficult month, Sara had an epiphany while in Riomaggiore, a town in Italy’s gorgeous Cinque Terre; her passion for paper, design and the earth had to blend. Fueled by a certainty and love, Sara’s eclectic energy shines through every S2 piece.

Sara’s love for paper was sparked in an ironically appropriate place: the bank. Using the withdrawal and deposit slips as her first materials, young Sara adored the carbon copy slips that transferred the writing from one side to the next. Working summers for the paper store chain Papyrus after high school, Sara spent her days surrounded by different types of cards, stationery, invitations, gift-wrap, and ribbons, guiding brides, new mothers and others in their stationery needs. Always aware of the color, paper and designs surrounding her in daily life, Sara honed her own style over time, starting with personal communications for friends and family. Sara’s designs developed along the way, changing and evolving into the personalized, custom items S2 offers today.

*Photo by Becky Rui of Becky Rui Photography - She's based in the UK, but travels around and found me at a lovely outdoor market in Chelsea, NY and snapped this photo. She's my preferred photography even while being across the pond!



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Sara cares greatly for the environment and conducts S2 business with the earth on her mind.

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