Stationery & paper products inspired by the color and shape shifting of nature, the people (and cultures) we meet, travel, and our wild spirit.


In an electronic world, S2 Stationery and Design embraces the push of pen across paper.

Stationery can be a private experience. Stationery can also always be a social experience. Stationery is essentially what you make of it - the card you give to your mom, dad, lover, son, husband, wife, neighbor, friend, coworker, the expensive custom note cards you bought to write messages of thanks, love, gratitude, sympathy, congratulations, and everything in between. It can also be the invitation to your wedding, kids birthday party, house warming, 50th birthday celebration, or even funeral.

That's the beauty of stationery - it may not seem like the biggest deal in the world, but to the person on the receiving end, it can mean the world and to the writer/sender, it can save their soul. Whether that is private or social, you decide, but S2 helps you express those sentiments.

With a variety of hand-made, customizable products, you can send along that small thought, special wish, or simple statement, always offering something as unique as your own words. Working tirelessly for environmental sustainability, S2 thrives on moving emotion, not changing the planet.

So live well and write often – no matter the words, make the message love.


Thank you so very much, Sara. It was well worth the wait. I continue to be impressed by your professionalism and perfectionist bent. As I said, these are so rare in this catch-as-catch-can world is wonderful to see such talent and dedication at work...a total delight working with you and I wish you all the best! I will happily recommend you!
— Mary B

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Etsy is the online shop home of S2 Stationery & Design. You can find some of the items you see in the galleries there. If there's something you like, but don't see on Etsy, you can always contact Sara to find out how to purchase.

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S2 Stationery is trying to make good noise in an industry that is overcrowded and over-saturated. Sara is tackling urgent global issues with quality paper, design and good old fashion storytelling.

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